While trends go in and out of style, good taste is timeless. With a collective 25 years in interior design, we have created a distinct style that is fresh, sophisticated, and classic with meticulous attention to every single detail. The best part about working with a design duo? Next-level creativity.


We don’t just care how your home looks, we care how it lives.

C+A Interiors homes are designed for everyday living. They are timeless, not trendy. They are classic not over-decorated. They are fresh and modern, not stuffy or uncomfortable.

Inspired by travel and place, we love mixing interiors with strategic uses of color, and layers of texture. Our spaces are finished with strong architectural details.

Most of all, our design isn’t OUR style, it’s your style. As one of our favorite clients said, “It’s perfect. It’s unexpected and it’s absolutely me!”

“Our clients constantly ask how we ‘read their mind.’ While we can’t officially say we ARE mind readers, we do have the experience, the expertise, the knowledge, the know how, the passion, the drive, and the contacts to take all of those amazing ideas in your head and put them together into a home that perfectly reflects who you are to the world.”

Ashley Larson Eitemiller

Ashley wanted to be an interior designer from a very young age. Her father is a high end home builder, and she spent her childhood on job sites. Today, Ashley remains inspired by her surroundings, colors, patterns and travel, and is obsessed about how to make every space more comfortable and balanced.

Conni Newsome

Conni grew up in a house that was constantly being upgraded. Together, she and her mom would always discuss style, design and the latest trends. This passion for interiors translated into a long career helping others transform their spaces.