C+A Interiors, based in Denver, CO, is a full-service luxury interior design firm that takes projects from concept to completion.

We combine our knowledge of classic design with a modern twist on traditional style, and add a strategic use of color, texture and finish to create spaces that are both unexpected and familiar.

What Makes Us Different

Throughout the process of designing your home, there are thousands of decisions to be made and options to sift through. You need a flexible, open-minded team that understands how to communicate. We listen. We ponder. We brainstorm. We come up with solutions.

Because we only take a select number of clients per year, we are able to give our full attention to each project, which means once you become a C+A Interiors client, you are in the fold for life. The ultimate goal? To create something unique. Your home won’t look like the neighbors, or the house down the street. It will be a beautiful reflection of you, your taste, your style and your lifestyle.

We get to know you, inside and out. We learn how you live, how you like to keep your closet, what you eat for breakfast, what kind of parties you like to host, and where you travel. We design a home that works for you. A home that makes your life better, easier, and more beautiful on every level.

Idea Development

This is when we put together all the ideas you have gathered into a workable plan, and begin to concept and develop a style that best defines you and your home.

Project Management

From developing construction documents to coordinating with your architect, contractor, engineers, and subcontractors, we are your eyes and ears on and off site.

Behind The Scenes

As the project progresses, we do everything from checking on orders, answering design detail questions, responding to vendors and manufacturers to make sure everything is on time and on budget. We take care of every detail so you don’t have to.

Design Details

Our expertise extends well beyond fabric and furniture. We have extensive experience designing and choosing finishes and fixtures, including custom architectural details, floorplans, layout and lighting design. This ensures your home flows seamlessly from room to room.