It’s like clockwork: the days are getting longer and the sun is (finally) shining, which means it’s also real estate season. Summer is the time of year when houses go on the market, which means this is the time of year when everyone packs up their homes and moves into their new abodes. It’s also the time of year when, after planning and designing and building and remodeling over the fall and winter, when so many of our clients move into their newly designed digs.

Moving Essentials Checklist

While it’s always fun and exciting to move into a new home or move your things back into place, there are still boxes to unpack and necessary supplies to make it through those first couple of days. These are the essentials—toilet paper, paper towels, maybe even a broom, i.e. the boring stuff. Or the things that aren’t totally necessary, but wonderful to have like plush bathroom towels and new bedding.

You might not need to unpack the kitchen right away, but you will need to shower, and sleep, and perhaps turn some lights on. All of those little things we don’t think about when we’re packing, really make a difference in those first few days of putting the house together.

We’ve helped many clients move into new homes over the years and we have learned a few things along the way. To alleviate some of the stress on these critical days, we came up with a moving essentials checklist you’ll need on hand once the moving truck is emptied. We put together a box of needs—a mini home-kit if you will. Keep reading to see what we like to pack in our kit and start creating your own list of must-haves.

For The Bathroom

Imagine after a day of shlepping boxes and cleaning you’re ready to shower off the grime, and lo and behold…no shower curtain on hand. And unless you are really into baths and have that kind of time, this should be one of the first things you have on your checklist.

For The Bathroom
  1. This linen shower curtain from Waterworks is soft, beautiful and easy to match with other bathroom accessories. Classic Linen Shower Curtain, $295
  2. Once you step out the shower, sink your toes into something fluffy like this bath rug from Waterworks. Feel the stress melt away. Sahara Bath Rug, $140
  3. Leontine Linens has a line of totally gorgeous, luxe towels that are a dream to dry off with after stepping out of the shower. They come in an array of colors, and can also be monogrammed. Maxwell Towels
For The Bathroom
  1. A toilet brush is a must have, so you must make it stylish. This Villeroy & Boch Oak Toilet Brush is lovely but also perfectly useful. Toilet Brush, $50
  2. There’s TP and then there’s Scott’s TP. This is by far our favorite. Scott’s, $10.99
  3. Bliss Lemon + Sage Soap is a 100% necessity in our world. It smells divine and gets everything squeaky clean. Plus the bottle looks adorable and no doubt will make you smile. Lemon + Sage Soap, $18
  4. We keep Bliss Vanilla + Bergamot Body Butter on hand at all times. It smells incredible, and makes your hands, arms, legs and body feel insanely soft. This is particularly important after moving when your hands get chapped from boxes, and constant washing. Vanilla + Bergamot Body Butter, $29

Onto The Bedroom

There is nothing more satisfying than pulling up new bed covers before falling asleep after a long day of moving, so you’ll want soft bed linens on-hand for your first night. Forget the old sheets and duvet. Moving means it’s time for a fresh set.

For The Bedroom
  1. These are some of the softest sheets you will ever touch, a must-have for your move-in. We prefer simple white sheets and these are cool to the touch. Sferra Celeste Percale Sheets, $75-$670
  2. For heavenly soft pillows, these ones by Brass Bed will beckon you to just rest your head even for a minute in between unpacking. Emerald Pillows, $525Brass Bed Emerald Pillows
  3. These sheets have just a touch of luxury without feeling too pristine. Sferra Grande Hotel Collection, $28.50-$275

This and That

You might feel like tidying up a bit after unpacking, make sure to have these items ready to go to feel more at home.

  1. For more modern abodes, we adore this Lostine Barn Broom made by hand in Pennsylvania. It’s so much more effective than synthetic options. Lostine Barn Broom, $65
  2. Miele QuickStep Vacuum is, hands down, the best vacuum cleaner on the market. It’s light, quick and picks up everything in its path! QuickStep Vacuum, $199
  3. Conni’s mom said to never take an old broom into a new house—it’s bad luck. This beautifully crafted broom from Hannah Beatrice Quinn looks nice enough to display in the kitchen, but can still get the job done. Hannah Beatrice Quinn Walnut Broom, $48
  1. Candles are also a must, but stay away from cheap, synthetic fragrances. Bloom in Denver carries the Holy Grail of scented candles from French maker Cire Trudon. These are exquisitely packaged and the smell is unlike any other. Scented Candle, $95
  2. With such a stunning candle, you don’t want to scrimp on the matches. We keep a box of these around, simply because they make us smile. Anthropologie Spring’s Eden Matches, $6
  1. You will be so happy you have these on hand. Paper shades like the Redi Shade are a quick privacy solution until you have your window treatments up. Plus, you can cut them to fit practically any window size. Redi Shade, $19.97
  2. We don’t need to tell you that paper towels are one of the most important essentials to have when you move in. These are insanely durable and can double as napkins, toilet paper (in an emergency), and a whole host of other things. This should be at the top of your list. Paper Towels, $9.79
  3. Always make sure you have disinfectant wet wipes around. Moving can get very dirty. We love these because they are soft, organic and smell heavenly. Disinfecting Wipes, $2.99
Clean Kitchen
  1. These linen towels come in multi colors and are super absorbent, you’ll definitely need a couple of these in your kitchen. Linen Dish Towel, $16
  2. A handy little brush and pan make cleanup a breeze and the fun color doesn’t hurt either. Dust Pan, $44
  3. We love this little scrubby sponge, it’s hardworking and cute too! Keep one handy for small cleanups in the kitchen. Scrub Sponge, $1.95

Be Sure To Include These On Your List

  • Lightbulbs
  • Extension Cords
  • Drapery/Curtain rod

Being prepared when you move always gives you one less thing to worry about and putting together a move-in box of essentials is unbelievably helpful. Trust us, we know. We hope this list helps you with your next move and let us know what your must-haves are for your checklist!