Creating Your Own Backyard Oasis
If you’re anything like us, your summer wish list includes two things: Travel and a healthy dose of (preferably poolside) sunshine time. So, we thought, why not combine both? International travel may not make your summer agenda this year, but if you’ve caught a bit of wanderlust, your outdoor space is prime for creating the perfect internationally-inspired oasis. So pack the sunscreen, grab a juicy book, pour a glass of champagne, and get ready to visit Morocco, Spain, or Greece—right in your own backyard.

The Perfect Patio? Mediterranean Inspired
Read on for how to create internationally inspired, uber chic pool and outdoor patio spaces with inspiration drawn from classic Moroccan, Spanish and Grecian design.

Casablanca, Morocco
Marked for it’s use of rich color and geometric patterns, Moroccan design is alluring, exotic, eclectic, and most importantly, absolutely elegant. Designs pair intricate details and clean lines—meaning you can infuse your outdoor spaces with Moroccan style whether your style trends towards traditional or modern. It’s versatile and flexible.

When it comes to classic Moroccan style, bold tile is king (and one of Conni’s biggest obsessions right now). Tiling your outdoor space with bright pops of color is an effective way to change not only the overall look of your space, but the way your other outdoor accessories interact with the design. Lush tropical greenery push the Moroccan theme even further , while cultivating an organic feel to your space. Moroccan style lanterns are the perfect exotic touch, and allow for an ambient glow in the event you take a nighttime dip.

Barcelona, Spain
Spanish design calls to mind rustic villas, sunny cobbled streets and cool, airy rooms. This romantic Mediterranean style  pairs classic architecture with rich colors, bold patterns, and intricately detailed objects and accessories.

Natural wood accents add a chic rustic air, and can be folded into any element of an outdoor  design—from the cabana beams, to the flower boxes and furniture. Ceramic details and finishes such as terra cotta pots or decorative sculptures add an elegant yet livable touch and create a beautiful earthy color palette as the backdrop to your design.

Finish your Spanish hideaway with painted tile around the edge of the pool, and throw pillows in rich reds, bright yellows and deep blues.

Santorini, Greece
In Greece, the beautiful teal-blue water does most of the talking, and designs tend to be more minimal and clean. The lighthearted Mediterranean style typically features sharp whites and vibrant, bold blues—often complimented by the classic Grecian tile patterns characteristic of the region.

Simple palette changes are the perfect way to create a luxe Grecian  feel without the 18 hour plane ride. White stucco or a fresh coat of white paint serves as the perfect blank slate for your Mediterranean oasis. From there, finish with moments of bold blues  to create the contrast and bring a level of liveliness to the design. Clean white upholstery, lighting, and accessories provide an elegant backdrop for any added greenery.

Don’t forget your Missoni kaftan paired with Ancient Greek sandals for poolside lounging.